Nicholas Winton, Holocaust Hero, Dies at 106

The world lost another Oskar Schindler when Nicholas Winton, who helped the escape of over 600 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia, joined his Creator on Wednesday at the age of 106.

According to Lime Crime, in 1938, he cancelled his skiing vacation in Switzerland and joined his friend in Prague to aid refugees in Czechoslovakia which was just seized by Germany.

He went into dangerous zones, involving bribing, forging, secretly contacting with the Gestapo, handling a lot of paperwork and a lot of money. He met with parents who wanted to get their children to safety, even if it meant sending them to foreign countries.

The number of parents seeking help from him grew, and he was forced to open a storefront. However, the long lines at the store attracted the attention of the Gestapo, and he had to resolve some of them with bribes. He was able to register over 900 children before he returned to London to find homes for these escapees.

He and some volunteers, his mother included, appealed for funds and foster homes in newspaper ads and church and synagogue newsletters.

Many families took in the children and donors started to send in money to cover the costs. They weren’t enough, and it was Mr. Winton who covered the difference.

Nicholas Winton was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for his heroic deeds. Sir Nicholas will be fondly remembered by the families that he was able to help, as well as the rest of the world who appreciate his valiant efforts to save lives.

Looking Toward the Future with the Argus II

Biotechnology will be an important asset to the world as we continue to grow as a society. Many of the times we fashion medical advancements based on the tendencies of nature. Nature guides technological advancement as well, innovation has been guided and tested through the examination of how the world operates. The latest advancement that appears before our eyes is a three year trial has recently been completed for bionic eye retinal implants. Reuters reports that from first glance, the results seem to be promising and they also seem to be safe for human use. Here is a video of the Argus implementation Argus II

The retinal implant is known as the Argus II, it functions by improving the sight of those who affected by the disease known as retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis pigmentosa is a slow developing impairment that disables vision and can lead to blindness. The Argus II has proven to restore some low levels of vision to those that are affected by the disease. The Argus II works by using a very small video camera, located in the glasses of the patient. The device sends information to a processing unit or a CPU. It then converts the signals to a device implanted into the patient’s retina. It is a very exciting time for biomedicine and there are so many diseases that could be solved through biotechnology.

Diversity Key to Height and Intelligence

Probably one of the most offensive arguments that humans make might be those related to race. Specifically, those groups that argue about racial purity, and state that there should be no intermarriage or procreation outside of their race. Today people that argue that diversity is the key to human health and happiness have a new weapon in their arsenal. Researchers from the University of Edenburgh have tied both intelligence and height to parent’s diverse backgrounds. They culled this information from the results of 100 other studies that included more than 350,000 people from around the world.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily new information. This is, after all the basis of incest and inbreeding. Inbreeding has been shown to cause deformities due to recessive alleles. Basically, each person is made up of DNA received from both parents stated Eric Pulier. If the parents are diverse, then the new human has a host of genes to choose from. If, for example, one of the parents has a broken chromosome that might lead to a defect, the new human has a 50% chance of having the defect. The new human could choose the defective gene, or choose the good gene from the other parent. However, if both parents have the same defective gene, the new human has no possibility of bypassing the defect.

Greece Finally Defaults

The clock passed midnight in Greece. The nation owes $1.8 billion dollars to creditors and did not make any payments. The European finance ministers refused to offer an extension on the debt payment. As a result, Greece has defaulting. The country now holds the dubious distinction of being the first developed nation to default on its debt.

A possibility exists for Greece to overcome some of its problems. Agreeing to domestically unpopular austerity measures could help the nation avoid finally address the situation and avoid collapse for the immediate future.

Is there anything Greece can do to get on good (permanent) fiscal footing once again? Well, paying all its foreign and domestic debt would do this. Greece, however, does not have that kind of money and doubtfully could ever generate the funds. The nation’s gross domestic product is just not enough to cover the massive obligations the nation has incurred.

Also, is Greece really going to exit the “Eurozone” (European economic community)? If it does, collapse is imminent. Folks at Boraie Development know that some in the populace want to do this, but they really are not looking at the big picture. An exit would mean a total economic meltdown. Perhaps some really do not realize the gravity of the situation.

Whether they realize the problem or not, a crisis point has been reached. No matter what solution is sought, the end result is going to be a potentially very painful one.

Isis Cake

Walmart is apologizing tonight for making a big mistake. According To Reddit They made a cake that had a flag of the terroist group ISIS on it. A customer from Slidell Lousiana had originally ordered a cake with an image of the confederate flag. The bakery denied it after walmart’s recent ban on sales of such merchandise.

The man was upset that his order was denied but not for long. He asked for one with the image of the Isis flag on it instead and it was actually made. A walmart spokesperson released a handy statement that said the associate didn’t know what the design actually meant and made a mistake. Walmart apologizes and says they know that the cake should not have been made.

This whole ordeal brings up a big point. People, companies, and online entities are pulling confederate flags from shelves left and right. But, why is it so easy to go in and by an Isis cake which no one can deny that’s awful? There should be more being done to ensure things like this don’t happen. It also brings up the point that did the worker actually not know what the Isis flag meant or was he just being naive? It also brings up a very important question of whether or not the person who ordered it did so with malicious intent, or just to prove a point that’s full of sass.

Not All Healthy Habits are Healthy

We try to take care of the little things that add up to good health: we wash our hands frequently, take a multi-vitamin, use sunscreen, etc., etc., etc. But not all of those so-called healthy habits are actually healthy. According to Eric Pulier, some are just a waste of time, but we do them because our parents did them or because it’s the trendy thing to do. These are some of the more popular healthy habit rituals that aren’t so healthy after all.

* Using a toilet seat liner (or placing toilet paper on the seat) makes you feel better about using a public restroom. However, any germs, virus or bacteria that could be on the seat is unable to live long enough outside of the human body to infect the next toilet-user.
* Swapping cow’s milk for almond, soy or other types of milk. Unless you have an allergy to dairy products, this swap is less healthy than you think. No other milk varieties can provide you with the nutritional ingredients that cow’s milk can.
* Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables gives all the sugar and takes away all the fiber. Not healthy at all.
* Increasing the amount of vitamin C you take to help fend of colds and flu may make you sick. Anything over 2,000 milligrams per day will cause vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn and headache.
* Using a standing desk will help you lose a few pounds, since standing burns more calories than sitting, but a standing desk provides no other health advantage in the long term

Kanye Makes High Heels For Kim’s Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy with North West was very difficult to say the least, not only was she ridiculed for her terrible choices in outfits, but she suffered from prenatal hypertension and the water weight caused her to blow up like a balloon. Being Kim Kardashian and being pregnant is very difficult, after all Kim must be the perfect girl on television and in magazines. Even while pregnant Kim is expected to remain sexy, well dressed and maintain and ideal weight. Unfortunately, Brad Reifler says that Kim was so depressed by the media attention she received during her first pregnancy that she swore she wanted nothing to do with another baby.

After meeting North Kim and Kanye fell so in love, that they knew they needed another child right away. After lots of trying and help from doctors Kanye and Kim are finally expecting their second child, and this time Kim and Kanye refuse to let their pregnancy be the source of so much drama.

Kim is looking amazing ,and every outfit has been a hit. As always Kim refuses to retire her high heels, even after nearly falling just weeks ago Kim is not giving up her heels. Now Kanye is coming to the rescue, apparently Kanye is having heels especially made for Kim’s feet while pregnant. Kim’s shoes will be fashionable, and also made to stretch to support her growing feet and provide comfort. How lucky is this woman? Now that she will be having maternity high heels made just for her, perhaps Kanye can design some sexy heels for the rest of the pregnant moms of the world.

Beneful Celebrates Five Years of the Dream Dog Park Program

This June Beneful is celebrating five years of its Dream Dog Park program helping dog owners across the country build or improve parks designated for their beloved pets through a combination of financial support, hands-on volunteerism, and shared dog park experience and expertise. The first project this year, a makeover of the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, MO, will feature, among other improvements, dog-friendly turf and a Beneful Doxie Tunnel. The project’s unveiling is scheduled for the end of June.

The previous four Beneful Dream Dog Park grand prize winners were Alabaster, AL, Johns Creek, GA, Lancaster, PA, and Prescott, AZ. All of them received improvements including oversized food ingredient obstacles, a first-of-its-kind tennis ball launching tree, colorful splash pads, and Beneful’s signature Doxie Tunnel.

As of a June 23, 2015, press release on PR Newswire, Beneful is still seeking opportunities to “lend a paw to organizers of dog park projects seeking to start a new project or improve an existing one.” Selected projects will receive need-based funding, expert advice, and volunteer labor to help their dream park come to life.

Walmart Pulls Confederate Flag Merchandise from Shelves

Walmart has announced that they will discontinue the sale of the confederate flag, as well as merchandise depicting it. The company released a statement on Monday informing the public that all merchandise with the confederate flag depicted would be removed from stores and the company’s website. There is no plan to bring back such merchandise. The company noted the flag’s racist past and how it can be seen as offensive.

The statement comes on the same day that South Carolina’s Governor called on South Carolina to remove the flag from its capitol grounds. It is currently flown along with the American flag says Cláudio Loureiro Heads on

It is believed that several other companies will follow suit in the coming days. The desire to completely wipe the confederate flag from stores and online retailers comes in the wake of a shooting that left nine people dead, and Charleston, South Carolina mourning.

The gunmen in that incident, Dylann Roof, 21, posted pictures of himself holding a gun and the confederate flag prior to the shooting. Roof was given the handgun used in the slaying just weeks prior as a birthday gift. His family has released statements in the days since the shooting. They have said that they are deeply ashamed of Roof’s actions and are mourning with the rest of Charleston.

Roof was apprehended in North Carolina, several hours from the scene of the crime.

Titanic Composer’s Plane Crashes in Santa Barbara, Fate Unknown

A single engine plan crashed on Monday near Santa Barbara, California. According to sources the only individual inside the plane was killed. The incident occurred around 9:30am, according to authorities.

It is believed that James Homer, a Oscar-winning composer, was the individual who perished in the accident. According to official reports, the plane was registered to Homer.

Homer’s attorney, refused to confirm that Homer was killed in the crash, but noted that he had not heard from the Titanic composer yet, assuming he would have if Homer had not been on board.

Folks at Boraie Development LLC know that several gossip columns and magazines have announced the actors death, although their sources have not yet been confirmed, and the police have yet to identify the victim to the public.

Several investigators were on the scene of the crash, taking samples and collecting debris. Charged pieces of earth suggest the plane exploded on impact. There is no word on what caused the crash yet, and investigators have yet to officially release the name of the occupant killed in the accident.

California is no stranger to small engine plane crashes. Several months ago Harrison Ford was involved in a single engine plane crash in the area. He survived the ordeal.