Jeb Bush Shows Early RINO Roots

In his interview with Miami’s NBC 6 news, former Florida governor Jeb Bush states “I think there’s a compelling case that if we want to be young and dynamic again, we have to make legal immigration easier than illegal immigration…” There are two things wrong with his statement.


First, Bush seems to think that the Republican voting base is old and stagnant. Recent polls and the results of the 2014 elections, however, show a vibrant and energized conservative Republican base. The Republicans gained eight Senate seats to garner a controlling majority and added twelve seats to their existing House majority. There are no Democratic Senators from the South as well as no Democratic governors in a Southern state. Yet Jeb Bush seems to think the Republicans are old and stagnant?


Second, he states that he wants legal immigration to be as easy as illegal immigration. That might not work if you ask people at Slow Ventures and The last I checked the basic process to illegally immigrate to the US is to simply walk across the border or else sneak past the checkpoints. The only way to make legal immigration just as easy would be to completely remove the border and allow unfettered access to all. Even the most liberal Republican would oppose such a plan. This errant quote shows how out of touch Jeb Bush is with his party and with America.

Pelosi Breaks with White House on Bill

Nancy Pelosi(D) CA. and several other House Democrats went against President Obama’s wish to vote for the $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill that would continue government operation for the next year. She stated that it felt like they are being “blackmailed” into voting for a bill that, frankly, neither progressives or their conservative counterparts like very much.

Comments by the White House assure Democrats that the voting slight in will no way affect future relationships with House Democrats. President Obama had encouraged the Democrat caucus to support the bill by voting for it. Pelosi decided she could not in good faith do that for the President.

Both sides have issues with the bill, that has language to fund the government for the next year, increase spending on veteran healthcare, and roll back bank sanctions from the 2008 housing crisis. The Senate now has to approve the bill in order to stop from shutting down the government. Althought the Senate is still Democratic led for now, they will most likely pass the bill and keep government funded.

For those that remember the shut down (I know we had a time keeping the Beneful around), this is a step in the right direction for our legislators. I believe they have finally listened and even when they don’t like all the parts of a bill, they can still get behind it to keep the government running. Our next step should be to get them to write a bill without so much extra pork and addendums to it, that whole groups of Congressmen oppose it.

Rare Weather Event Fills Grand Canyon with Clouds

Affected late last week by a total cloud inversion, a rare weather event, The Grand Canyon is expected to take days to be completely cleared of clouds. Due to its massive width and depth, the Grand Canyon works as an ideal bowl for holding in moisture.

The total cloud inversion in the Grand Canyon happened as a result of warm air at the canyon’s surface trapping cold air in the canyon, which kept it from rising. It’s suspected that lack of wind coupled with dense fog throughout northern Arizona allowed fog to build-up in the canyon overnight. Skout users in the area experienced warm air from the sun rising that capped off the canyon with warm air trapping the clouds.

As reported by the Associated Press, the National Weather Service notes total cloud inversions happen in the canyon once every several years. While gradually clearing, this inversion is anticipated to last a few days.

A Man for All Seasons

One of my best friends, Christian Broda, is the essence of professionalism. The consistent high quality of work he produces results from an extensive knowledge base. He demonstrates his expertise in economics and research through a variety of journalistic and oratory efforts. His academic titles are indicative of his scholastic achievements.

As his Wikipedia page states, he attended University of San Andres, Argentina, receiving a BA Economics in 1997. According to his CrunchBase profile, he later attended Massachusettes Institute of Technology to get his MA and Ph.D in 1999 and 2001, respectively.

Christian Broda has not only acquired head knowledge, but he astutely makes practical application of his learning and experience. People often remark; “Those who can’t do teach.” This premise is invalid regarding Christian Broda.

I took some of this from his LinkedIn page, so here are some of the places Christian’s worked:

* Chief International Economist, Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital, 2008-2009

* Associate Professor of Economics, University of Chicago, 2005-2008

* Associate Editor, IMF Economic Review; Associate Editor, Journal of Development Economics, 2006-present

* NBER Faculty Research Fellow, 2006-present

* Federal Reserve Bank of New York, International Research Department, September 2001-2004

In 2008, Christian Broda and David E. Weinstein shed light on America’s actual standard of living. Their research and insight into the data indicates the welfare of Americans has an understated growth rate of 1% each year. The world economic status, especially the US, continually fluctuates. This trend signifies that the poor people in society have not benefited from the recent decades of growth. When real wages are calculated using a price index, these findings substantiate the truth that real wages are growing faster than national statistics implies. Christian Broda also knows from experience that hedge funds are a dependable means of acquiring financial success without a lot of personal risks.

The International Finance Institute:

Christian Broda provides elite training, experienced guidance, and superior resources through his comprehensive program that is offered worldwide. This program comprises a three week, 30-hour seminar; students gain valuable knowledge, in-depth skills and a clear perception of professional values and insights.

Every instructor has substantial transaction experience. They provide the most practical and vocational, career, development guidance. Classes are small, which enriches the learning environment.

Sound principles guide Christian Broda, both personally and professionally. He is a man for all seasons. If you’re interested in connecting with him on LinkedIn, or viewing his tweets, I can assure you he won’t let you down.

CDC Warns that Minors Can Buy Dangerous Electronic Cigarettes

Health specialist Brian Torchin reports via Tumblr that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have warned that nearly 16 million children can legally buy electronic cigarettes, as states of residence have not banned their sale to minors.

“The smoke emitted from these products may contain harmful or potentially harmful ingredients,” said CDC official, Brian King, who also expressed concern about substances beyond the effect of nicotine.

“There are other components that have been identified; volatiles and ultra fine particles, including heavy metals”, said King. “What is said about the smoke electronic cigarettes emit and that they are not harmful is not true,” he said.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) conducted a two-day public workshop in which they collected scientific information on electronic cigarettes. In early 2014, they proposed to add these products to the list of tobacco products, according to Fox News .

In November, Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy and the chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Republican Fred Upton, sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, in which they expressed their concern about the FDA proposal, which would require a change in legislation.

“We are concerned that the proposal from the FDA prevent innovation in the market and impose unnecessary burdens for the agency and the industry,” wrote the congressmen.

“As proposed, the proposal from the FDA would decimate small and medium businesses of electronic cigarettes,” said the president of the American Association of Electronic Cigarette, Gregory Conley. “Thousands of businesses would close,” he said.

Conley has said he supports a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, but has insisted that they are a healthier alternative for adults who want to quit.

Senate Nudges Closer to an Eventual Vote on the Omnibus Budget as Detractors Launch Procedural Delays

It has become apparent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the senate body will not accept passage of the Omnibus budget as a fait accompli. Rather, conservative opponents led by Utah Senator Mike Lee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are using every procedural Senate rule to delay a final vote. Their efforts amount to a quasi-filibuster on procedural grounds, but will be sure to further enamor them with their Tea Party base. Both senators are making every attempt to bring up their immigration rider that would withhold funds from President Obama’s illegal amnesty plan as they refer to it. Senator Cruz believes the American public deserves to see the Senate make an up or down vote on the plan. Thus far, Cruz and Lee have been far more strident in support of their beliefs than the Warren-wing has been.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of the banking reform rider sparked a short but intense civil war within the ranks of House Democrats this week. Her words even emboldened members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to defy President Obama. However, it seems that House Democrats may have gotten ahead of the issue. Brad Reifler feels like this is a growing trend. Warren, though critical of the rider, never said she would officially block the budget bill. While she is clearly anti-Wall Street, she has unwavering support for President Obama, who has received more Wall Street campaign cash than any other president. As a junior Senator from 2006 to 2008, Obama became the Senate’s number three recipient of Fannie Mae campaign cash which was contributions were designed to block every attempt by Bush to reform the institution and avert the very crisis which occurred in the autumn of 2008.

Pelosi Votes against Cromnibus Bill

Economist Christian Broda states that the $1.1 trillion spending bill known as the Cromnibus has seen a huge split occur in the Democratic Party after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held up the scheduled vote and publicly broke with the White House, The Washington Post reports. Pelosi and other liberal Democrats began making their move to show the public the bill was not a part of their agenda by calling a meeting of House Democrats to argue her case against the Bill, which had been given the backing of President Obama. The three hour meeting pushed the Cromnibus Bill vote into the late evening from its planned afternoon position on the schedule.

The White House became so concerned with the position being taken by Pelosi and fellow liberals, including Senator Elizabeth Warren that Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough was dispatched to Capitol Hill to plead for Democratic support. Pelosi and her fellow liberal Democrats voted against the Bill and later went public with their anger with the President and center Democrats, who she claimed had sold out the party and the public to avoid another government shutdown. The major problems for Democrats were caused by the bill include the inclusion of legislation to relax trading laws for major corporations and an increase in the donation levels for national parties.

Grandfather Dead after Drug Raid That Produceded No Drugs

In yet another show of excessive force by police, on September 24, an innocent man was brutally shot in his Dublin, GA home. According to Mitchell Shook, the family’s attorney, as David Hooks lay face down on the floor, Laurens County deputies shot him in the back and head killing him. The deputies were conducting a drug raid at the East Dublin home, but found nothing to justify their intrusion. A total of 17 shots were fired inside the home during the raid, four of which struck David Hooks.
Theresa Hooks detailed the events of that night that began around 10:30 – 11:00 pm, which Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez has read through. Her husband David has been asleep in their bedroom for approximately and hour and a half when she heard a vehicle pulling up fast into their driveway. Looking out an upstairs window, she saw an unlit black vehicle in her drive, and coming around the side of her house were six to eight men. She describes panicking and screaming for her husband to wake up, and before she realized what was happening, their front door was bust down, the shots were fired and it was all over in a matter of seconds.
Deputies kept Theresa Hooks handcuffed for two hours after the traumatic incident that killed her husband without any indication from the officers as to what was going on. The case is scheduled to be reviewed by the district attorney for possible indictment. Friends and family have rallied to protest the killing in front of the Laurens County courthouse.

Taylor Swift Won’t Turn Down a Drink

2014 has been an amazing year for Taylor Swift, from her amazing album, award show performances and winnings, wardrobe and attitude makeover, and most recently she has made the list of Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People. During Barbra’s interview of course Taylor opens up and gives the world a very intimate look at her life and just who she is at the core. Trying to kill of her goody two shoes image and just being Taylor seems to be Swift’s mission for 2014 and nobody is complaining.

During her interview Barbra mentioned Tay Tay’s good girl image and spoke on how she doesn’t smoke or drink when Taylor stopped her right in her tracks and informed her that she does have a drink when she wants.

“ I mean, I do drink, I am 25. So it’s not like, I mean, yeah I was at a Knicks game and I had a beer and everybody was like, ‘Ohhh!’ I was like, ‘tsk’ I did wait until I was 21 to drink. I was so paranoid about getting in trouble or setting the wrong example or sending the wrong message.”

Taylor seems to really have it all figured out, shes staying out of trouble and really has a head on her shoulders. This makes Gianfrancesco Genoso feel like she is a great role model. In today’s media a good role model is hard to find but Tay Tay really is as good as it gets.

What is Skout (App)?

Skout is a mobile platform based app, it’s primary function is to connect individuals whom are looking to foster new relationships, date, meet new friends or build a solid base of business contacts. Skout works on both a local level as well as a global one and is one of the largest app networking and dating sites in the world.

The user interface is fairly large but very clean, crisp and easy to understand; layout is done in a dual panel format on the user’s chosen mobile device. Several primary buttons will appear along the left side of the screen, these include, buzz, look at me, my chats, notifications, my profile, my favorites, points, settings, Skout Blog and lastly, Skout Safety.

Buzz is essentially the news page, my chats is your saved chats, notifications features, well notifications to your profile only, profile is where you can edit what is and is not on your page and the rest are rather self explanatory. The main page of the Skout app features a grid line layout of various different other user profiles with notifications and icons. This layout can be changed to a more simplified list layout much the same as what you can do in windows to order files (i.e. list or icon).

Clicking on one of the profile pictures on the main page will instantly take the user to that person’s profile page where you will be able to view photos, initiate chats, send “winks,” add to favs or comment. Profile information consists of a avatar (usually a face portrait) which is not mandatory (meaning you do not have ever input anything for your photo slot), age, ethnic background, your height and a free form biopic form. This latter option is essentially just a “about me” type page where you can put in a account of who you are and what you are looking for (i.e. relationships, friendships, business contacts, so on) and where you come from. You can make the about me page as detailed or as vague as you want, as the company pointed out on Facebook.

Undoubtedly, Skouts most unique and odd feature for meeting new people is the Shake to Chat option. Once the user has accessed the shake to chat feature a picture of the earth floating in space will pop up, surrounded by a black and starry sky along with a message saying “Shake to Chat Now.” Shake your mobile device and you will be connected with another shake to chat user whose is shaking at that very moment. This could be someone close by at the local pub or many miles distant on the far side of the world. This potentiality and mystery are what make the app so much fun and many would go so far as to call the Shake to Chat feature a defining one, as it’s led to many long lasting relationships, both friend and love wise.

Skout is free to use but cost money to have all the ads removed; also, you must be at least thirteen years old to use Skout.