Sam Mendes Crafts the Modern, Fleming-Inspired James Bond

Sam Mendes’ name might not be one the average filmgoer is familiar with when the topic of movie directors is mentioned. Be that as it may, Mendes is directing an entry in one of the most popular and well known of all cinema franchises. Mendes is helming the new James Bond outing, SPECTRE. Even though filming has only started recently, the director has chosen to go on the record with an interview.

No, he does not give out any spoilers but Mendes does help add a little more buzz to the film, a film millions of people are looking forward to. Basically, he notes the actions of the previous film (Skyfall, a feature that Mendes also directed) have led to Bond being wildly driven to continue on a path set forth in the previous entry.

The new Bond films are much closer in nature to the books originally written by Iam Fleming. The James Bond of the books was not a character who quipped one-liners in the manner Roger Moore did. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the literary James Bond was a hard-edged and downright brutal character. Such a character was flirted with in the early 1960’s, but the end of the decade and the bulk of the 1970’s so a more campy approach.

Today, the more serious Bond is what audiences cheer for. The films still have all the thrills the series is known for. Look for SPECTRE to be among the most interesting of all the recent Bond films since the legendary evil organization makes its long-awaited return.

Washington Post Blasts Virginia Politicians

A recent editorial in The Washington Post blasts Virginia state senator Bryce Reeves for his proposal to swap precincts before the next election. The Post says that Reeves’ plan is a blatant attempt to put more voters from his own party in the district he represents and therefore give himself an advantage.

While Bryce is Republican, the Post criticizes both the Republican and Democratic parties in Virginia for blatantly manipulating voting districts through gerrymandering and other means to give incumbent politicians an advantage. Marcio Alaor BMG has heard that this has been going on for years. The Post says that as a result voters are simply ignoring Virginia elections since they feel that the outcomes of elections are foregone. The newspaper goes even further and compares Virginia government to the governments of corrupt countries like Syria.

In my opinion, The Post is right to accuse Virginia politicians of corruption. Gerrymandering and other means of voter manipulation are disgusting, and these practices have been going on for too long. As The Post makes clear, both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this and the result is a sickening status quo in the state legislature. Enough is enough in Virginia and in other politically engineered states such as Illinois.

The governor of Virginia has the power to veto this particular bill; we’ll see if he does the right thing.

Can You Trust What The Government Says About Your Health?

Over the last 40 years, individuals attempted to reduce their fat and cholesterol intake by consuming less eggs and fatty meats such as beef and pork. The United States government contended that they were a threat to one’s personal health and well being. Within a period of six months, the government has tossed to the wind, the fat and cholesterol guidelines as well as the recommendation that a low-fat diet was a viable means of attaining optimum health.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently released recommendation regarding dietary cholesterol, indicating that there was no association between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Heeding the government’s prior recommendations, individuals have consumed egg whites instead of egg yolks as well as avoiding various seafood and fatty meats. Paul Mathieson believes the committee’s position will have an immediate impact on how doctors dispense dieting information to and school lunch programs nationwide.

How could the panel stand by their recommendations for years, for which is the complete opposite of the recently announced new guidelines? Influential lobbying by food and agricultural concerns has contributed to the confusion, but the framework of prior recommendations has focused on epidemiological studies, in which researchers monitor large groups of people over a period of time, usually in years. Epidemiological data devises hypotheses, but does not valid them.

Add in questions about salt and sugar intake, these recommendations only serve to confuse the consumer even more.

19 Students Shave Heads To Show Support For Classmates With Cancer

In the town of Minonk, Illinois, a class of third graders have come together to show a strong hand of support for three of their classmates.

Earlier this year, third grader Bryce McKay passed away due to cancer. According to an article found on reddit and written by, Bryce’s twin brother and another classmate of his are also battling the disease over at St. Jude’s. In order to show support, the three students’ classmates at Fieldcrest South Grade School have all shaven their heads. All 19 members of the class, both boys and girls, took part in this action as they want to mourn their deceased classmate and help the other two continue to fight the battle.

Haidar Barbouti has heard that the group of kids call themselves the “Bald, Beautiful, and Brave” and this could not be a more appropriate title. It is such a nice gesture for these kids to do and show just how thoughtful they are, and it is even nicer that their parents let them follow through with the act. It can be very hard to lose a friend and classmate at such a young age, so the fact that these students and their teacher are doing this means a great deal to the parents of the students who are ill, and the students themselves. Hopefully the remaining two kids who are also fighting cancer will be able to combat the disease and live a full life.

Obama May Face Big Hurdle Overcoming Lower Court Injunction

It turns out that United States District Court judge Andrew Hanen, an appointee of George W. Bush, may have crafted a skillful method of seriously delaying the president’s amnesty plan. Judge Hanen was clear in his rebuke of the president when he stated that he overstepped his constitutional authority to enforce immigration laws. In fact, he pointed out that the president went so far as to bestow benefits and privileges to illegal aliens. However, Hanen did not issue the injunction on constitutional grounds. Indeed writers thought this was masterful on his part as protocol calls for the federal appellate courts to issue such rulings.

Instead, Hanen issued his injunction based on the president’s failure to comply with the 1946 Administrative Procedure Act. This law was passed by congress to intentionally slow down a president’s executive actions. According to the act, new regulations require notice and comment in the Federal Register. In addition, public comment must be taken. In effect, the law attaches a delay of several months to years on regulations. President Obama attempted to skirt this law by classifying his actions as “interpretative rules”. The judge disagreed with the president’s use of “interpretive rules” because the presidential amnesty plan would in fact be a new course of action for immigration law enforcement officers. Pundits are saying that an appeal of the judge’s decision may in fact add a delay of 6 to 8 months before the amnesty plan can take effect.

The Netanyahu Budget: $42,000 On Cosmetics And $24,000 On Takeout

As reported by Buzzfeed writer Sheera Frenkel, another scandal has come to define the career of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This time, the scandal pertains to the Netanyahu’s home spending habits. According to reports, the family has a proclivity for “excessive spending.” Specifically, the average monthly expenses for cleaning totaled $20,000. The family also spent $42,000 on makeup and hair each month as well as $24,000 on takeout. Finally, the family accumulated thousands of dollars in fees for overtime electrical expenses. Missing patio furniture was also reported.

According to Israel’s state comptroller Yosef Shapira, this amount of spending is much too high. However, like a lot of internet companies report the issue of spending is complicated by the fact that there is no set budget for the Prime Minister. Nevertheless, Shapira noted that “the way in which the budget of the prime minister’s residence was managed during the years 2009 until 2012 does not comply with the basic principles of money management, saving, and efficiency and is likely to result in a waste of public funds.”

Christopher Cowdray

Christopher Cowdray is a native of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe, which is the official Republic of Zimbabwe, a landlocked southern country in Africa, located between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers) where he earned his degree in hotel management prior to attending New York Citys Columbia University. Upon his graduation from the Columbia Business School’s Executive Program. Christopher Cowdray has managed hotels in Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

With his more than 30 years in the hotel business, Christopher Cowdray has held many managerial positions in the hotel industry around the world. In the United Kingdom, Christopher Cowdray had previously served as the managing director of London’s Claridge’s. Christopher Cowdray became the general manager of The Dorchester Hotel in 2004. November 2007 Christopher Cowdray was later appointed as chief executive officer (CEO) of The Dorchester Collection.

After managing The Dorchester Hotel, one of ten hotels that make up the Dorchester Collection, Christopher Cowdray served as CEO of the luxury hotel operations as of 2007. In 2008, following his appointment of CEO, Christopher Cowdray added the New York Palace Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air to the Dorchester Collection as well. The New York Palace Hotel has since been sold off. Even with the selling of the New York Palace, the Dorchester Collection has expanded with additions such as Hotel Eden in Rome, 45 Park Lane in England, Le Richemond in Geneva and Coworth Park.

The Dorchester Collection manages portfolios of some of the world’s most celebrated hotels including The Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Richemond in Geneva, Hotel Eden in Rome, Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, Coworth Park in Ascot,

Le Meurice of Paris, 45 Park Lane in London, The Dorchester Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air, which recently underwent 24 months of extensive renovations.

Christopher Cowdray received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 at the European Hospitality Awards for his many achievements in the hotel business with the Dorchester collection.

Egypt Launches Strike against ISIS in Retaliation to the Beheading of 21 Egyptians

In retaliation for the decapitation video of 21 Egyptian Christians that ISIS has released, Egypt has launched the first foreign strike it has engaged in since 1991 and the Gulf War. The Egyptian military is working in cooperation with Libyan officials to carry out the airstrikes in Libya, which reportedly killed 64 Islamic State fighters and wounded dozens more.

The first of several yet to come airstrikes, Egypt is directing its assaults on groups of the terrorist organization that are located in Libyan space, targeting ISIS weapons facilities, training grounds and militant housing. Not long after Egypt’s President Abel Fattah Al-Sisi made a statement on Monday indicating that Egypt had every right to react to the heinous slaughter of the 21 Egyptians captured in Libya, a video of Egypt’s fighter jets taking off at dawn was published.

Susan McGalla is aware that world leaders, including the White House and many Arab officials, have been denouncing ISIS and the killings. Egypt’s government has vowed to give a monthly ‘martyrs’ stipend, health and educational support, along with EGP 100,000 to the families of the 21 Egyptians killed in Libya. Just before Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs headed for a five day visit to Washington D.C., he asked for the support of the US-led coalition against ISIS in Libya and stressed that not intervening with the problem of the terrorist organizations is a “clear threat to international security and peace.”

Does The All Star Game Mean Anything?

When you sit down to watch the all star game, it is easy to see why it is so popular. The NBA does a good job hyping their stars, and the game is filled with scoring from beginning to end. However, the all star game means nothing. It is a showcase, and that is how it should stay.

Fans like Marc Sparks know the all star game is a chance for the best players in the league to get together and show off how good they are. Check out Sparks on You get to see what amounts to a pick up game of ball, and you get to see scoring that would never happen in a real game. Plus, you are not going to see anything like that kind of scoring once you get to the playoffs. Everyone plays defense in the playoffs.

The all star game is the place where Magic and Isaiah kissed before the tip off. The all star game is not the place where we are going to see the game played the right way. You can go watch a game in Rucker Park, or you can go watch the all star game, but the all star game is not a philosophy lesson in basketball. It never should be.

Braving Winter Storm Octavia

I was beginning to think that we had escaped the “White death” this year in the Ohio valley. After last year’s treacherous winter season, I didn’t care if I ever seen snow again. However, all too quickly my good luck ran out. Winter Storm Octavia is setting her sights on us and she is going to be a whopper.

She is going to be reaching from the South all the way to the North and wrecking havoc as she goes. Here in Southern Ohio, we are expecting almost a foot of snow. For us that means the town will be paralyzed and the Piggly Wiggly closed for business. However, the local fast food joints will remain open for the few that have to travel out to work.

It seems that this year the Northeastern part of the country has been hit more than anyone. Poor Boston has been digging out most of the winter, and they are used to the snowy winter mixes. This one is primarily hitting south of the I-70 corridor and with this much snow comes power outages, bread shortages at the local grocery chain, and near death experience in trying to get home from work.

I know why so many people head South for the winter. I have considered heading there permanently. The only bad thing is you don’t know what is going to happen. The Carolinas are seeing freezing rain and snow this year, which is high unlikely. If only there was a place where it was seventy degrees and sunny all year. I think I would leave family, job and friends behind to go there.  I know Bruce Karatz has been prepping, and good thing too.