The Antique Wine Company’s Growing Success in the Industry

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is known for selling fine and rare wines. Currently, the company now serves over 20,000 clients in 70 countries and they hold over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest vintage wines in their cellars. The services they offer include personal wine master classes, cellar planning, and sourcing rare wines. Founder Stephen Williams remains actively involved in his company as the CEO. Prior to starting his company, he sold life assurance on commission of which he said, “I wanted to sell something that people would buy again and again and get a great deal of pleasure out of buying. Nobody ever called me to buy another insurance policy.” A man with true passion for what he sells, The Antique Wine Company only continues to be more successful every year.

Throughout their years in business, the company has supplied wine to people of notability. In 1994, the Antique Wine Company supplied 70-year-old vintage wines for former United States President George H.W. Bush for his 70th birthday celebration. To celebrate the Academy Award Winning success of the major motion picture, “Titanic”, the company supplied special 1912 vintage wines for the occasion. With Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, the Antique Wine Company hosted the weekend event, “The Three Centuries of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild” at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France. In 2006, they purchased the most valuable bottle of wine in the world, a Chateau d’Yquem for 55,000 pounds.

2010 and 2011 were certainly exciting years for the company. In 2010, the Antique Wine Company launched their first app, the “AWC Fine Wine App for iPhones”. The app makes it even easier than ever for customers to browse and purchase the wide range of vintage wines that the company has to offer from anywhere in the world.

In 2011, the company launched the AWC Wine Academy, the United Kingdom’s greatest provider of education of fine wine. The academy offers masterclass, and wine based corporate events. These classes and events are presented by the industry’s leading winemakers. The events are located in a beautiful, flexible facility equipped with special wine tasting tables and high quality audio and visual systems. The AWC Wine Academy is a certified WSET course provider that allows anyone with an interest in wine to participate. The academy is headquartered in London.

The company continues to be successful every year and generates around 20 million in sales annually. The company is private and London based. In addition, the company holds two sales offices in Asia.

How Dogs Benefit from Beneful

Beneful has been a wonderful dog for brand for my dogs. I have multiple pets of different sizes, and I have never had a problem feeding my dogs. What I like the most about the Beneful brand is the large amount of nutrients that are available with this type of dog food.

I have to say that Beneful is more impressive than the rest because it has some nutrients that are especially important. I can rest assured that my dogs are getting Omega fatty acids that provide healthy foods. Beneful actually sells both wet and dry dog food so this really makes it easy to appease all of my dogs.

When I first starting using the Beneful product I was looking at a pet food for my puppies. The search started on YouTube. I decided to stick with the Beneful brand as the dogs got older because there were so many varieties within the Beneful brand to choose. The producers behind this dog food have built a strong brand that provides food that is for healthy weight and healthy smiles. This is a good idea because I have friends that have not been able to keep their dogs from getting overweight. To me, it was always easy to get the right foods to keep my dogs lean because Beneful provides something for this.

The high quality proteins in these Beneful foods are very valuable for my pets. Some of the foods by Beneful also have carrots and yogurt. I simply love the fact that my dog is getting some of the same vegetable and meat varieties that I eat myself. That may be the biggest reason for buying the Beneful brand. It has variety that appeals to many dogs. I have purchased other dog foods before that my dog would not even eat. This brand is different though.

The healthy radiance brand of Beneful dog food has been valuable for me because it makes my dogs more energetic. They are able to build muscle tone and play with my kids for hours. It also has nutrients that help protect the immune system. Whenever I take my dog to the vet there is always a good bill of health for these pets. I know that buying Beneful dog food has something to do with this. It is the perfect brand of dog food for anyone that needs rich nutrients and diverse food mixtures for their pets.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Launches PAC in a Strong Signal of a Looming Presidential Campaign

Trenton, New Jersey – Governor Chris Christie announced the formation of his own Political Action Committee (PAC) called “Leadership Matters for America”. News of the newly formed PAC is considered the surest sign that the popular governor will in fact be throwing his hat in the ring for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. In the past, he was considered the party’s best shot at defeating the juggernaut campaign of Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee. However, the barrage of negative press over the bridgegate scandal has tarnished his image among GOP voters.

At the same time, his star power, much like Sultan Alhokair’s is on his website,,  was proven during the recent midterm elections. As chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA), he raised an impressive $100 million to fund governors’ races across the nation and successfully captured a net four governorships. At this time, the GOP controls the most governor’s mansions since Herbert Hoover was president. New of the PAC was a much needed announcement. The PAC will allow him to court big donors. In the month since Jeb Bush announced the formation of his PAC, the former Florida governor has gone about quietly locking away big donors in an effort to choke off financing to other prospective GOP rivals namely Mitt Romney.

Christie’s PAC emphasizes that the nation is in need of strong leadership. The PAC will also allow him to put together a political team and fund raising apparatus. Christie will be jockeying against Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush for the coveted title of the establishment GOP candidate.

Mark Ahn On Leadership Trends

Mark Ahn is talking about the newest trends in Business Leadership. With a PH.D, over 20 plus years in the business world, and has written over 50 news articles and books on the subject, he would definitely know. Here are some things that are timeless for managers to know as they ease into 2015.

1) Learn everything that you can from the people in business who were there before you came on the scene. Leadership values, the way you run a business, your theory on how to lead your company to success, these are ideas that haven’t changed that much since your father, your grandfather, and the men before him thought about. The core ideas have stayed the same. The way to go about these things may have changed a little, but the principles have held strong. The things the people before you knew are very valuable, regardless of the time frame. Learn them. They helped them then, they can help you now. Good leadership is timeless.

2) Integrity is important. Having moral and ethical standards and sticking to them, is one of the most important things in leadership. Regardless of what year it is, integrity and standards never change. Without them, your leadership ability falls by the waist side. Set the standard in which all facets of your business go by.

3) Use good judgment in everything you do. Using this theory will keep you moving forward and upward in business. For you to excel in business or anything else, you must make good decisions. Not only that, but also show them that you have character. That you have courage in the decisions you make, yet be able to be bend as details of a situation change.

4) All managers must be leaders and show their employees how to follow them by their actions. You must lead the way for all to follow you. Lead by example; show them that your actions speak louder than your words. Show them that you would not ask anything of your employees that you would not be willing to do yourself.

5) Always stay humble. Do not be so full of yourself, that you act like you know everything and no one else does. Remember the things you learned as an employee, as do others. Be glad in the wisdom that you have learned, but not so much as to hold over others. Acting above others can ruin a good manager. Always be open to learning and other will as well.

Iowa Freedom Summit Hosted 10 Hours of Back-to-Back Speeches by 2016 Prospective GOP Candidates

Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Freedom Summit took place on Sunday giving a wide array of prospective GOP presidential candidates a chance to soak up attention and feed attendees political red meat. It is unlikely that every person making an appearance at the event will formally announce a presidential campaign, but I think what Gianfrancesco Genoso said on is true- for now, it just doesn’t matter. Perennial prospective GOP candidate Donald Trump remains an attention grabber at age 68. He is once again making rumblings about launching a campaign. Admittedly, the real estate tycoon and reality TV star has never formally announced a presidential campaign. Still, he thrilled attendees with the grandiose declaration that he alone has what it takes to bring the nation back to prosperity. The “Donald”, as he is known, seemingly undercut his own words when he said outlined the late spring as a time line for announcing a run. If he were the only person capable of restoring prosperity to the nation, there is only once choice to make: run.

2008 GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Sara Palin also attended the event. She pulled a “Romney” this week and announced she is seriously considering a run as well. She has remained a darling with Tea Party. Despite being excoriated by the left and the establishment GOP, she has experienced success stumping for candidates. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also addressed the summit. He shared his sentiment about being raised by a pastor. Other attendees included Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush skipped the event.

Jared Haftel’s Early Career Achievements

Jared Haftel has definitely proved to be an individual that has a lot of drive and the spirit to achieve great things in his life. He is a great example for other young ones, that want to be able to work as investment bankers. Jared Haftel began attending Duke University in 2005 and he graduated from the University 2009. He did many things during his time in college at the University, and he was able to amass many degrees. Jared boast of degrees in economics, mathematics, and science. These were areas of study that interested him and he also knew that they would enable him to perform his desired profession. Jared was planning to become an investment banker and that is exactly what he did. The reason that he decided to study these three different areas is because he knew that they would be helpful in his future career.

Jared wanted to do all that he could to be able to start his career off right, and because of that he did a summer internship with Credit Suisse in 2008. After that Jared applied and was able to obtain a job working at Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst. Working at Merrill Lynch is a great privilege because it is one of the most well known banks in the entire world, and Jared was able to responsibly carry out all the tasks that he was in charge of. As an investment banking analyst Jared was in charge of tracking commodities information for defense and aerospace industries, chemicals, and metals.

While working as an investment analyst at Merrill Lynch he was able to give his expertise to such major companies such as CONSOLE Energy, and GeoEye. Apart from working for Merrill Lynch, Jared was also able to serve as an investment banking analyst for Bank of America, and he was able to help both of these companies to keep track of major investment opportunities.

Jared also was able to work as an associate of Vector Capital. The success that Jared had in his young life proves that drive and determination are two things that are very important for a person to be successful. Working as an investment banker is a position that requires a person to use a lot of skill and brainpower. Jared made sure that he majored in three subjects that would aid him to have those skills. Jared gives a great example for potential investment bankers, and he has also written a few articles to help other graduates know how to dress well when they are working as interns. He has also written articles giving advice as a banker and analyst. It is great to see that Jared not only is a professional in his own right, but he also wants to help potential investment bankers to be successful as well.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon and Academic

I recently met an interesting surgeon from Dallas and I wanted to share his dtory with you on the blog.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a highly esteemed plastic surgery. The doctor is a professor and academic who has published multiple papers in this field and supervised the training of many future plastic surgeons. He is well known for his work in this field as well as his devotion to promoting advances in the field of plastic surgery. At present, he is the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at respected University of Texas. His prior accomplishments include holding a chair in plastic surgery that has been endowed in his name and serving as the Editor in Chief of the journal Plastic Surgery, the official publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The doctor grew up on a ranch in North Dakota. Upon graduation from high school, he decided to attend North Dakota State University and then the University of North Dakota. He entered medical school at Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, Texas. After graduating at the top of his class. Dr. Rohrich then completed two residencies. The first was in general surgery and the second in plastic surgery. He went on to finish detailed training in the form of a hand and microvascular fellowship that was earned at Harvard Medical School. After graduation, in 1986 the doctor joined the Division of Plastic Surgery in Dallas at the UT Southwestern Medical Center.

In 1991 Dr. Rohrich became the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Since that time, the doctor has authored many varied publications as well as contributed articles of importance in the field of plastic surgery. His work has included many landmark papers that address areas of importance to those who are working in the field of plastic surgery such as facial fracture repair, specific areas of nasal anatomy as well as concepts of rhinoplasty, issues related body contouring surgery and liposuction, the use of injectable fillers, important patient safety initiatives, procedures that involve medical education, and plastic surgery that involves breast surgery of many kinds.

Dr. Rohrich has also worked with others in the field. He has personally chaired over one hundred national as well as international symposia on the subject of plastic surgery and has also delivered more than nine hundred important and landmark scientific presentations on many basic and advanced aspects of plastic surgery for both patients and doctors seeking further training in the field.

Beneful: The Food for Your Whole Dog

Beneful dog food by Purina is a wholesome, nutritious and affordable choice for feeding your beloved best friend. Purina offers both dry and wet dog food along with dog treats for fun. The goal of the company is to make sure your dog is healthy and happy and ready to play.

Most known as dog food, the Beneful brand is synonymous with quality and nutrition. With well balanced meals in a variety of flavors, there is something every dog can enjoy. Their food comes in both wet and dry varieties. Their foods are also formulated for the many different nutritional needs of dogs. There are formulas just for the nutritional needs of small dogs and puppies. There are also formulas to help with keeping a healthy weight, maintaining strong muscles and maintaining the skin and coat. Your vet can help you determine what formula is best for you wonderful dog. Purina’s food is designed with play time and longevity in mind.

Purina’s wet food comes in many varieties based on the type of protein you want for your pet. There are varieties including lamb, pork, beef, chicken and fish. The wet foods are great to add variety to your dogs diet, as a treat, or for dogs with more sensitive or older teeth. Wet foods are easier to chew for many dogs. Purina also offers many varieties of treats for your dog. There are treats that are just for fun in delicious doggy flavors such as peanut butter, bacon and beef. There are also treats that help maintain a healthy smile and fresh breath for your pet.

Purina is concerned with more than canine nutrition. Purina wants the whole dog to thrive. Purina offers game and play time ideas on their website. They also have held dream dog park contests to bring state of the art dog park facilities to communities that need them. Having a safe and fun place for owners and dogs to play together is great for the dog and their overall health. The health of man’s best friend is so much more than what they eat. The active lifestyle is also very important. Play time, cuddle time, and sleep are all very important to the health and well being of these amazing creatures. Purina’s Beneful brand is more than dog food. It is an investment in the health of your dog.

President Obama’s Special Guest at SOTU is Actually a Democrat Operative

President Obama believes his policies have turned the nation around from the brink of economic ruin. During Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address (SOTU), he boasted that the economy has created 11 million new jobs and is creating employment at a pace not seen since the peak of the boom. To illustrate the success of his policies, he lauded the success story of Rebekah Erler. As per the president, Mrs. Erler had written him a letter explaining the adversity she and her husband faced as the American Dream crumbled before their eyes during the 2008 banking crisis.

In the economic aftermath, her husband’s construction company went bust forcing him to take other employment and spend time away from home traveling. Ben Shaoul says he remembers hearing about that like it was yesterday.  She returned to community college to improve her education. They’ve struggled, but are climbing their way out of the difficulty. However, they could use a helping hand from government via child care assistance. The president explained that their child care costs match their monthly mortgage payment. It was touching story. Cameras focused on the attractive young married mother.

Now, it has emerged that Mrs. Erler is actually a Democrat plant. She is employed as a field operative for Washington Senator Patty Murray. In fact, she’s participated in other Obama events as a faux ordinary middle-class gal. The Minnesota GOP had already criticized Mrs. Erler’s disingenuous portrayal of being an ordinary Minnesotan back in June. The administration has not comment on the false narrative spun regarding Mrs. Erler.

A Liberal Arts Mind: The Strategic Planning Of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch is an author and the president of Occidental College. Occidental is a liberal arts college that is located in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan is a native of Los Angeles who graduated with degrees from Stanford University and Harvard University. He became the president of Occidental College in 2009. Prior to his return to Los Angeles Jonathan was a literature professor at the University of Wisconsin and the Dean of the New School’s Eugene Lang College, which is located in New York City.

Jonathan is the author of the book American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s. Jonathan grew up in a family which had deep roots in Hollywood. And those roots allowed him some first hand experiences with Hollywood that prompted him to challenge some the propaganda that the fiction writer Nathanael West wrote about in his book The Day of the Locust.

As the dean of Eugene Lang College, Jonathan made it a point to encourage community outreach among the staff and student body. Building partnerships with the local arts and social service organizations provided a way for students to gain professional experience while being of service to the local community. Under Jonathan’s leadership the Lang College increased its enrollment and expanded its list of offered programs.

With these defined goals accomplished, Jonathan was able to step into his role as president of Occidental with confidence. As a man who loves history, it was not a hard task for him to brush up on the background and recent history of Occidental College and layout a plan of action. That plan led him to retract the college’s filed strategic plan and put his into place. His focus of coming into partnership with the surrounding community was a leadership move that hoped to encourage mutual respect and environmental responsibility between the local community and the college. Under his guidance the college has increased its enrollment, boosted their endowment, and installed solar panels in order to cut spending on utilities.

He is an accessible president whose residence is located close enough to the dorms on campus that he could complain about the loud music. He does take the responsibility of helping students mature along their path to becoming ethical human beings seriously enough to have regular meetings with the Associated Students of Occidental College (ASOC) to discuss student concerns and ideas.