Leaks and Chagrins from Captain America: Civil War

Motion picture studio execs don’t like major leaks. Sure, a well-placed leak that contributes to generating a buzz about a film is okay. When a leak about a major plot point is out there in the public, a movie can end up being really spoiled. Recently, word has leaked about Captain America: Civil War according to Alexei Beltyukov. A short time ago, we learned of a funeral scene being shot for the film. This created a major discussion about the death of a character. Everyone was wondering who died? The answer to that question has been revealed although it is not going to be revealed here. This is a no spoilers zone!

In all seriousness, even if a number of spoilers leak out regarding Civil War, the film is going to remain a huge hit. The buzz on the film could diminish slightly as some people could be turned off to going to see the film in theaters and would prefer to wait until the home entertainment release. Marvel Studios doesn’t want to see any unnecessary cold water thrown on what could be one of their biggest films. This is why there is justifiable annoyance over the unauthorized leaking of information about the film.

Unfortunately, in the information age we live in, leaking of info to the internet is going to be unavoidable. It happens and will continue to happen. Maybe, in time, moviegoers will become used to learning all there is to know about a film long before the feature is ever released.

UK Funds Failed US Airship Airlander 10

The United Kingdom has just kicked in about $8 million to fund the development of a failed airship once developed for US military use. Airships, also known as blimps, have long been fantasized about by aeronautic nuts for their ability to stay in the air for weeks at a time with just a fraction of the fuel used by traditional aircraft.

Christian Broda (cnnireport) has read that the Airlander 10 measures about 300 feet long making it one of the largest airships ever created. It only cruises along at about 90 miles per hour but can carry up to 10 tons of cargo. The massive airship was once envisioned by the military as a floating resource for communications and surveillance. Newer technologies threw the Airlander 10 to the wayside.

Drones and low orbiting satellites have all but eliminated the usefulness of airships. The United Kingdom government seems to think the Airlander 10 might still be useful. To what capacity that might be remains a mystery.

Let’s face it; if you fly a giant helium balloon over a military target it’s going to be an easy target. The slow speeds just make it a gigantic sitting duck in the sky. I’m not really sure what the US government ever saw in the project to begin with.

Georgia Man Faces Charges For Helping Dog Trapped in Hot Car

Georgia is known for its intense summer heat. This year, it appears things are heating up a bit prematurely. 90 degree heat plummets this southern state and someone was stupid enough to leave their dog in the car. Thankfully, Good Samaritan Michael Hammons, came to the rescue.

Hammons used the foot rest of his wife’s wheelchair to bust out the window. He then rescued the dog who appeared to be having problems breathing in the heat according to Marcio Alaor BMG on otempo.com. In a turn of events, the owner of the car pressed charges against him for his heroic act. Because it is an act of criminal damaging, Hammons could have to pay for damages and go to jail. According to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, the report was filed on Saturday and they intend to peruse it, as their hands are tied.

The public is outraged. Witnesses at the scene, like Diane McGuire-Byard, haled Hammons as a hero. It is clear this dog would have died had he not stepped in. Still, the law is the law and he did break someone else’s property and regardless of the reason, he committed a criminal act. The state of Georgia has a law that allows a window to be broken if a child is left inside, but not an animal. What Hammons should have done was call law officials and this whole incident could have been avoided. We’ll have to wait and see if he does any time over this one.

Miley Stays Mysterious

The thing that has kept Miley Cyrus afloat is that she never lets you know where she is planning to take fans next. They cannot keep up with her. This mysterious type of personality keeps fans anticipating the next thing that she will do. She gave fans a snippet of a track that she was working on recently, and there is some talk about it already.

The reason that fans such as Paul Mathieson are gossiping about this track has to do with the fact that it just doesn’t sound like anything from the previous “Bangerz” CD that she released. This sounds all melancholy. There is a totally different vibe presented in this track. The fans are trying to dissect the song and see if this is the sign of new music to come.

What fans may need to realize is that the social media world is just a place to through new ideas – good or bad. It doesn’t mean that this will be the sound of her new album. It has been stated that she has worked on a whole project with Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. The snippet of the recent track and the collaboration with him will not sound the same. That is the Miley Cyrus secret to success. She has enough money to make music and experiment without the worry of selling albums. Cyrus has this creative freedom that gives her depth.

Fire Sweeps Through Slipper Factory in Manila

Fire officials in Manila, Philippines are searching the charred remains of a show factory which made rubber slippers which was consumed by fire earlier today. The factory was the place of work for 300 to 400 employees when the fire broke out during the early part of the work day. Survivors report that they first detected smoke then heard an explosion followed by fire which began sweeping through the wooden and concrete structure. Many people simply ran, and Jason Halpern would do the same if in that situation. Officials report that at least 38 people have been confirmed killed but that they have found many remains from inside the building where some workers were trapped trying to escape the flames. The factory owner reported that at least 68 employees are missing and many if not all are feared to have perished in the fire. Fire Sweeps Manila Factory, Many Workers Lost

Manila officials are currently focusing on recovering and identifying the victims. An official investigation is underway and it is too early to tell what the cause of the fire might be. Some note that the explosion reported by some of the survivors may be the rubber supplies use to make the rubber slippers and stored in the factory may have caused a fire ball which helped to speed up the consumption of the factory. Family members of factory workers converged on the scene of the fire to search for loved ones and to grieve.

Jeb Bush Stands Firm on Immigration Amnesty and Common Core

There are three hot-button issues with the GOP’s conservative base at this time and anyone wishing to be a viable candidate for the conservative, Tea Party, and evangelical vote must square off correctly on all three from ther perspective. Those issues are: support of traditional marriage, support for border enforcement and current immigration laws, and support of states’ rights on education IE opposition to common core. Thus far, Jeb Bush is holding firm that he will oppose the GOP’s conservative base on two of those three key issues: support for both immigration reform and common core.

Bush’s positions on the issues will play well to centrist voters in the general election, but the former Florida governor must first secure his party’s base. Bush tried to make himself more palatable to evangelicals by delivering the commencement address at Liberty University, a major evangelical institution. However, that may not get him anywhere when evangelicals have other viable candidates who see the issues the way they do: namely Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Thus far, Bush remains unflinching in his support of the president’s amnesty plan in principle according to Alexei Beltyukov on a-ventures, a website. While he disagrees with how Obama enacted it without congressional authorization, he is clear that he would support congress passing similar legislation. The trick for either party’s candidates is to secure their base. Mitt Romney learned the hard that lesson the way in 2012 when four million evangelical voters sat out the election in key states costing him the presidency. Bush’s insistence to push against his base on wedge issues is a high risk gamble.

Bernie Sanders is Confident He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders is already making a name for himself in the 2016 presidential election, even though he only announced his bid less than two weeks ago, and admittedly does not have equal resources to his main competitor, Hillary Clinton. Though, he is determined to not let that stop him and declared some of his plans on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Even though Sanders has long registered as an independent in Vermont where he serves as a senator, and is a self-proclaimed socialist, he will be officially changing his registration to democrat in order to be considered as the democratic nominee. His campaign was kicked off by an impressive donation pool of more than 200,000 voters.

Sanders explains how America is facing a crisis of catastrophic proportions in regards to income inequality, with 1 percent of the population holding 99 percent of the nations wealth. Something Sanders plans to historically rearrange if elected president in 2016, promising to be the first president who truly has the middle class in mind. He has also vowed to not use a Super Pac, something his competitor says she must participate in for a chance at the presidency.

One thing Christian Broda is sure of is that Sanders is unlike any other nominee America has ever seen, and his leadership might be exactly what we need to see us through the current financial crisis we are in.

Ancient City Ended by Forces Outside Its Inhabitant’s Control

It is no coincidence that so many cities throughout history were started near rivers. Water is the one necessity that we both need to drink to stay alive and that is needed for the agriculture that can feed the thousands who live in cities. When thinking of ancient cities or civilizations in the Western Hemisphere usually just the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas come to mind. There was, however, a city further north in the Americas where present day Illinois is. Cahokia wielded both economic and religious power in its day the height of which was around the 11th and 12th centuries. The disappearance of this city that housed over 10,000 people soon after this time has been a subject of considerable speculation. New evidence has emerged that “megafloods” from the Mississippi river may have been largely responsible for this city’s disappearance.

Rivers have been the cradle of many a city and civilization, but living in flood plains in order to be close to their fresh water also makes the inhabitants vulnerable to the unpredictable forces of nature. It is believed that this city began and flourished during a period of reduced flooding by the Mississippi. As soon as this changed and the climate became wetter again, Mother Nature asserted itself and showed us primitive humans who was really boss. There are many saying it will be showing us who is boss again in the case of climate change if we keep going the way we have in the past few decades.

Thanks to Boraie Development LLC for showing me this piece of history.

Puerto Rico Governor Signs Order To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana is rapidly gaining traction, both for medical reasons and for recreational use. As study after study proves that there are many benefits to smoking or eating marijuana especially for sufferers of many different chronic illnesses, as well as studies that prove that marijuana is much less harmful than other drugs, the social stigma of using marijuana has steadily decreased. Because of this findings, and these changes in the views of the public, proponents of the war on drugs have started to loosen their stance on marijuana.

The war against marijuana started in the 1920’s, and was largely fueled by the infamous anti-marijuana movie “Reefer Madness” which takes a stance that is so laughable today, that marijuana activists have turned it into a parody musical of itself. Mark Ahn knows that, over the years, many people have learned that most of what was in the movie was completely false and have changed their viewpoint on the drug.

On Sunday, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla, signed an order that directs the health department to legalizes marijuana. This means that the head of the health department will soon draft a statement that makes marijuana legal for sufferers of the many chronic disorders that the drug provides relief for, including Alzheimer’s, migraines, and epilepsy. 23 states and the District of Columbia already have legalized marijuana for medical reasons, and Puerto Rico is the 25 state or territory in the United States to do so.

Carly Fiorina To Run For President

Yet another Republican is running for president. Carly Fiorina is the first female Republican candidate to confirm that she’s making a bid for the highest office in the land. She’s one of many that are expected to run from that party. Fiorina says she’s a viable candidate because she’s not a seasoned politician, and that she understands how the economy works. With regards to foreign policy, Fiorina believes the United States should be tougher with Russia especially because of what they’ve done in Ukraine.

Some may remember Carly Fiorina as the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. During her tenure there, she laid off 30,000 HP workers after the merge between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq. As Christian Broda knows, she was forced to resign that position in 2005.

Fiorina’s only job in the political arena was as an adviser to John McCain’s 2006 presidential campaign. In 2010, she ran for the U.S. Senate position from California but lost to the Democrat incumbent, Senator Barbara Boxer.