In Early Morning Hours, the Senate Passes Its 2016 Budget Bill

Washington, D.C. – At 3:30AM EST on Friday, the US Senate passed its own budget bill to fund the federal government for the fiscal year 2016. The vote was strictly along party lines with 52 GOP senators voting to pass the bill and all Democrats plus two GOP senators voting against its passage. The final vote took place after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opened up the amendment process. What ensued was a frenzy of amendments offered up by members of both parties. That said, it appears senators had their eyes squarely on the 2016 campaign season. Democrats brought up amendments clearly designed to be featured in attack ads. Their amendments included passage of equal pay, global warming initiatives, raising of the minimum wage, and more spending on infrastructure which would tacitly eliminate President Obama’s sequester cuts.

At the same time, the GOP brought up a series of amendments which will likely be featured in attack ads of their own. They got Democrats on record voting against tax cuts, curbing overreaching regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency, improved relations with Israel, and increases in the military’s budget which also would tacitly revoke the president’s sequester cuts.

With passage of a budget bill of their own, the Senate will now advance towards the budget reconciliation process with negotiators from the House. Zeca Oliveira knows that this will involve key chairman to advance the actual budget spending priorities. It is widely expected that the GOP will insert a repeal of Obamacare into the budget because bills coming out of reconciliation cannot be filibustered.

The Dorchester Collection Transformative Vision Of Hospitality Secret To Success

A brand that’s tasteful and resonates the essence of prestige; the Dorchester-Collection (DC) models a group of the world’s most-celebrated hotel titles. It’s a subsidiary hotel franchise of the finance think-tank BIA (Brunei-Investment Agency), which acquired Dorchester’s family of hotels in 1987. BIA is a chapter of the MOF-Brunei (Ministry-of-Finance-of-Brunei). Entrepreneurial icon based out of London, Christopher Cowdray is Dorchester’s appointed CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer).

Formed in 2006, the DC has luxury hotels based in the USA and Europe. Among the titles are The Dorchester (London), 45-Park Lane (London) Coworth Park (Ascot), Le Meurice (Paris), Hotel-Plaza Athenee (Paris) Le Richemond (Geneva) Hotel Principe-De-Savoia (Milan), the Beverly-Hills Hotel, (Los Angeles, USA) and Hotel Eden (Rome). They’ve set apart this brand from others because of its uniqueness and standards. Its presence among top-tier hotel chains in the hospitality sector hasn’t gone unnoticed. The hotel 45-Park Lane puts up stiff competition although it’s the group’s smallest luxury escape. Within its walls are 45 exquisitely designed rooms that boast immaculate furnishings and comforts. It sits just next door to the Dorchester in London.

It’s fascinating how accomplished the DC has become. It now authors a travel news journal Collection Magazine. This gives front seat commentary on events that are exclusive to the Dorchester Collection fans and those outside of its realm. It covers and shares absorbing content throughout the year. Millions have subscribed to receive their monthly dose of Dorchester’s ever-evolving developments. Thought leaders running the franchise have done extremely well in sharing a profound vision. The Dorchester Collection epitomizes innovation, heritage and individuality. The brand’s key faction has put together a team effort, which has propelled the operation over the years. This franchise is a family that shares a profound history. It embraces the value of unity yet delivers the idiosyncratic experience as promised. Each hotel has its own measure of profoundness, although it’s somewhat congruous.

This iconic luxury-hotel brand promises unmatched experiences in each visit. It’s a premier brand that has outperformed the competition. Its patented science of hotel branding and management supersedes all else. The Dorchester Collection governs a family of dedicated professionals who have embraced a passion for hospitality of the highest degree. They’re vibrant and motivated to help shape Dorchester’s transformative future. The Dorchester Collection is the embodiment of untainted sophistication. Each brand has its own distinctions to indulge those visiting the location. It’s intimate and evocatively adequate for everyone. With a time-honored lifetime of serving guests in locations around the world, a person can get started on Trip Advisor.

U.S. Executes Drone Strike Against Eleven Taliban in Afghanistan

U.S. Officials report that it successfully carried out a drone strike against eleven members of a Taliban sect which the U.S. had determined posed a threat to U.S. and allied resources on the ground as well as to U.S. interests in the region. The drone strike is a continuation of the U.S. President Barack Obama’s strategy to kill the enemies of the U.S. where ever they may hid or try to operate. While some have criticized the U.S. drone program, it is clear that the program is achieving its goal of targeting enemy combatants while limiting exposure to U.S. troops and personnel. U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 11 Taliban

The White House administration has acknowledged that some strikes have wounded and killed civilians and other non combatants. U.S. officials have responded that the drone program has actually minimized the number of civilian collateral killed and wounded and many more civilians would be place at greater risk if more conventional weapons where used to strike at enemy targets. U.S. officials also note that the drone program also keeps U.S. forces and ground troops out of harm’s way. The immersion of U.S. troops in any operation has the risk of widening a conflict, especially if the troops are wounded, killed or captured.

The Taliban that were killed were operating close to the Pakistani border in an area known for heavy fighting and increased military activity stated Alexei Beltyukov.

The So-Called Religious Freedom Acts Are Hitting Some Turbulent Waters Around The Country

The Backlash From Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Is Getting Stronger

People around the country are starting to see the folly in the so-called Religious Freedom Acts that have been passed around the country. These is no freedom in any of these legislated Acts. There is only bigotry, discrimination and hatred hiding behind the word “religion.” The good news is people are fighting back. Not just gay and lesbian people, but people that read between the lines of religious righteousness.

In West Virginia, a bill to stop the passage of anti-discrimination laws was rejected by legislators. In Michigan, a Religious Freedom Act died in the State House, and the highly publicized Religious Freedom Act in Oklahoma was put on hold as well thanks to one astute state senator.

Oklahoma Senator Virgin added an amendment to the Religious Freedom Act that said business could discriminate as long as they posted their choice to do so in advance. The posting would have to be visible to the public. Bruce Karatz knows that visible to the public means posting their intentions on their business website, in the place of business and in all advertising. The bill died a sudden death once that amendment was added. It seems bigots only like to be bigots in secrecy not in public.

Diet Sodas Losing Popularity

Diet sodas were a hit for so long, a guiltless way to enjoy a tasty drink. Diet sodas were considered something that was safe to drink, something that didn’t leave a person feeling guilty. Now, though, that all may be changing.

It seems that diet sodas are losing their popularity and that they just might be going out altogether. Could this actually happen, and if so, why? Why would people stop drinking diet sodas now after enjoying them for so long asked Alexei Beltyukov.

According to an article, If it is true that diet sodas are going out, it seems that the situation might be explained by the fact that there are studies that have been done that show the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas to be harmful to one’s health. In light of that, new sweeteners have been developed from natural sources that don’t seem to be so unhealthy. Maybe diet soda makers should be looking to redo their product before it does go out completely.

Whether or not diet sodas ever go out completely, the love of them is not as strong as it once was. Why that is, we don’t yet know.

Amy’s Kitchen Voluntarily Recalls 73,000 Products

Consumers of Amy’s Kitchen products should be aware that the company is recalling over 73,000 products. The organic foods company became aware that some of the spinach they received and possibly used in their dishes may contain listeria. Amy’s lovers at Anastasia Date have learned that this is a voluntary recall by the company done as a precaution. Though it was not ordered by the Food and Drug Administration, they are aware of the recall.

Listeria can cause serious issues and even death, especially among the very young, old, pregnant women, or those who are already sick. Symptoms include severe stomach pain, fever, and headache. Amy’s Kitchen said in a statement that they have received no complaints of illness or other problems from any of the recalled food.

Products most likely to be part of the recall include vegetable lasagnas, pizzas, or any other item that may contain spinach. Amy’s Kitchen sells their products at a variety of stores throughout the United States. Items should be returned to the store where they were originally purchased for a refund or be thrown out.

Watch Out Apple, an Android Watch is in the Works

Apple plans to start selling the Apple Watch soon and even reportedly has plans to make a trade-in deal with Android users, to get them to cross over to the other side. Their plan may not work as well as they’d hoped though, since an Android Smartwatch is currently in the works. TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel are working together to create an Android watch, with a Google Android Wear operating system. Not many details were revealed when the project was announced at the Switzerland Baselworld Trade Show, but it is believed that these new smart watches will be available for purchase sometime in 2015, although an actual sale date was not provided. If you’re a die hard Apple fan, such as Alexei Beltyukov, you only have to wait until April to get your hands on Apple’s version of this new gadget. All you need is an iPhone 5 or newer to go with this new watch. Choose from several different models, including those with a sport band, leather band, or stainless steel case link band. Some varieties even feature an 18-Karat rose or yellow gold case.

President Obama’s Job Performance Ratings Are on the Rise

For the first time in his Presidency, a poll rating how the country feels things are going shows that President Barack Obama is actually doing very well. A new poll commissioned by CNN/ORC reports that 52% of Americans believe that things are going well in the country. This is a sharp increase from the 21% who thought things were going well when President Obama first took office in 2009. President’s Job Performance Ratings Are on the Rise

This is a tremendous turnaround as the Obama Presidency began at the start of the economic melt down of 2008. Additionally, President Obama has been besieged with a republican congress which has failed to support him on any significant measure needed to run the country.

President’s Obama’s legacy is shaping up to be one of a cool handed manager that attempted to work with congress during his first three years in office but then engaged an aggressive agenda of executive orders to single handily run the country. Marc Sparks suggests his only hallmark legislation, The Affordable Care Act, has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court but has been the rallying cry for Republicans who seek to tear the legislation down.

The news in the economy has helped the President’s position with his standing with the public and his pledge to close out the Iraq and Afghanistan War, while avoiding engaging in any additional major military conflicts has resonated well with the American public.

Kraft Recalls 6.5 Million Boxes of Mac n Cheese

Kraft has recalled 6.5 million boxes of its popular Mac n Cheese product after some customers found pieces of metal inside.

The recall includes 242,000 cases of the Macaroni, specifically the standard 7.25-ounce box containing Kraft’s “original” flavor of the Mac and Cheese. The boxes in question are stamped with use by dates that range between September 18 and October 11 of this year and will have the code “C2” stamped below that use by date. They could have been purchased as single boxes, or as a three pack. The boxes were sold in the United States as well as South America and the Caribbean.

Paul Mathieson ( has learned that, according to Kraft, it’s received eight complaints from people who have discovered metal in their box. The small pieces of metal haven’t currently been ingested by anyone, but should they be eaten they could potentially cause physical harm to a person.

Customers who have one of the affected boxes of Macaroni are encouraged to return the product to the store where they originally purchased it for a full refund. Kraft is also offering refunds through its 1-800 number, 1-800-816-9432 to customers who call between 9am and 6pm .

The Legalities of Unpaid Internships Is about to Strike the Restaurant Industry

America’s finest restaurants are on the verge of being short handed. They depend on labor that is technically illegal under U.S. Labor law as pointed out in an article on This has nothing to do with illegal immigration but rather internships. There has been a tradition in the restaurant business of cooks doing internships at top restaurants in order to learn how to be better by watching some of the best do their job and performing work while doing so. Unpaid internships, however, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and recent court precedent are illegal. Paul Mathieson has read that stagiaires, as these interns are called in the restaurant business, fill an important role in helping out in restaurants around the country while learning a lot from the experience. Their loss, if appellate courts do not reverse the most recent rulings, will be inevitable and damaging to both the restaurants that will be short handed and the chefs who were gaining invaluable knowledge in perfecting their craft.

This story gets to the heart of the matter of unpaid internships in general. It is sad that in a ‘free’ country people cannot voluntarily agree to work for nothing in exchange for getting valuable on-the-job knowledge and training. It’s still a better deal than college where you are paying for knowledge that is not as real world applicable as you find in an actual work environment. Activists pushing to get rid of these internships need to realize that they are harming the worker trying to move up in the world by getting experience, not just the business using their services.