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SPM Essay: The Influence of Social Media

SPM Essay: The Influence of Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media stands as one of the most powerful influences that shaping our daily lives. What are the positive and negative impact of social media?

The Impact of Social Media

In today’s modern world, social media has become a big part of our lives, surpassing traditional sources like TV, radio, and newspapers in delivering information. This prompts us to consider how social media influences our connections with the world and each other. In fact, there are many good things about using social media. But there is some negative impact if we spend too much time on these platforms. It’s fascinating to explore the pros and cons of this digital revolution.

Connecting with Friends and Family

One of the best things about social media is that it helps us stay in touch with our loved ones. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, we can effortlessly message, call, or even engage in video chats, no matter where they are. This enable us to maintain a strong relationships with our family and friends, especially important for people who might feel alone where they are. Further more, social media offers opportunities to connect with individuals who share similar interests. You can find people who like the same things you do, and learn from each other and have fun together.

A space to learn new things

Social media isn’t only about chatting and sharing photos, it’s also a space to learn new things. From educational videos to helpful articles, social media offers a variety of learning materials on different subjects. Whether you want to learn a new language or mastering a fresh skill, resources on social media help us to learn and grow at our own pace, going beyond the limits of conventional classrooms. The networking potential of social media should not be underestimated either. Social media helps us connect with experts in our fields, so we can know what’s new in the industry. This might open doors to exciting collaborations and better job opportunities.

Talking Less in Real Life

However, spending too much time on social media has its downsides. A study showed that Malaysians use social media for a significant quarter of their day. This is especially worrying for young people who use it the most. Relying too much on phones and online talking can stop us from getting good at talking face-to-face. We might become shy or find it hard to start conversations in person. Hence, striking a balance between online and offline interactions is crucial. We need to balance how much we’re online and offline to keep our social skills healthy.

Navigating Mental Health Challenges

Besides that, the excessive consumption of social media can actually change how we feel and lead to negative emotions. Have you ever felt sad or left out after seeing other people’s posts online? When we see only the best parts of others’ lives, we might start to feel like our own lives are not as good. The pictures and videos of others having fun can make us feel anxiety and depression. On the other hand, cyberbullying is also a big problem on social media that can hurt our mental health. It’s really important for us to know these problems and be careful when we use social media, so we can protect our minds and feel better.


In conclusion, social media is definitely important in our lives, but we must understand that it can have negative effects on us and society. To lessen these effects, we should check if information is true, limit how much we use social media, and be careful how we interact online. By finding the right balance, we can enjoy the good things about social media while staying well and safe in this digital age. So, let’s make the most of social media by focusing on its positive aspects and using it to learn, grow, and connect.

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